The Wicked Witch of the Westminster is the fifteenth aired episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the sixteenth episode produced. It involves Cortex's plan to bring Ripper Roo into the Westminster Dog Show, so he could win the prize money.

Plot SummaryEdit

Dr. Neo Cortex has his greatest plan ever! He wants to create a weapon that will destroy all orange things. This will keep that bandicoot from foiling his evil schemes. The only problem Cortex faces is that he cannot afford it. As shown in a flashback, he used the last of his funds buying food for the homeless. He needed a get rich quick scheme. That evening, in a desperate search for ideas, he turns on Wumpavision. He sees that the Westminster Dog Show is accepting applicants. Cortex likes this idea! He summons Ripper Roo, who is the closest thing to a dog Cortex knows. He begins training Ripper Roo (through a hilarious montage), only to soon discover Ripper Roo is crap at this. Cortex needs some help. He enlists the help of Beaker Bill, Labby Larry, Dr. Nitrus Brio, and Dr. N. Gin to help him sabotage the other contestants. The four of them then travel to New York City Island, where the show is being held. As it turns out, Crash and Coco are in the audience, unaware of Cortex's plan. Brio unveils his newest potion, Lazy Juice, to Cortex, who sends Bill and Larry out to pour it into the dogs' food dishes. Unfortunately, they end up pouring it down N. Gin's missile. Once the show begins, Crash and Coco get concerned about Cortex's plan. But it turns out that Roo really is awful at this! He fails miserably at every event, which angers Cortex even more. Crash and Coco are seen in the audience, laughing. Crash mentions how it's never a good idea to chew off more than you can handle.