The Wild Adventures of the Kimono Sisters is the thirteenth aired episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the fourteenth episode produced. It revolves around the accidental sex change of the Komodo Brothers, and their desperate attempts to change back.

Plot SummaryEdit

In Dr. N. Gin's labortatory, deep in the confines of Cortex Castle, N. Gin is seen working on his newest weapon. Tiny Tiger watches over him, confused as to what N. Gin was doing. He ordered Tiny to go out and fetch a Clear Gem. Tiny reluctantly complies. He leaves in a hurry. Cut to the next day! Tiny arrives with a bag of rocks. N. Gin was really annoyed, as none of the rocks were gems. Fortunately for him, he sent the Komodo Brothers out to fetch a gem as well, and they succeeded. On Wumpa Island, Crash and Coco are seen watching Wumpavision, with a news report (voiced by Tara Charendoff) playing. They talk about a new weapon N. Gin has created behind Cortex's back. This scares Coco, so she drags Crash to her local library so they can read more! Back at the lab, N. Gin has finally stabalized his weapon with the gem. The Bender is tested on its two unwilling subjects - the Komodo Brothers. N. Gin is angry! It was supposed to only bend their minds to become his slaves. Instead, it switched their genders. The Komodo Brothers are now the Kimono Sisters! They leave in a fit, returning to Casa de Komodo as women. Back to the local library, Crash and Coco are finding nothing at all. The librarians, Beaker Bill and Labby Larry, were no help. Crash and Coco go home, disappointed. The Kimono Sisters find themselves desperately searching for a remedy to their sex change. This leads them to a quick montage of how others (Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Pinstripe Potoroo, Koala Kong, and Dr. Nitrus Brio) tried to help them. They were out of options. Joe got on the bananaphone and called one of the only people she thought could help - Crash Bandicoot. Crash invited the two over for some Wumpa Tea, only to laugh in their face. Coco felt relieved that it was just a gender bender that N. Gin created, and not anything dangerous. Hurt, the Kimono Sisters decided to travel to Snow Go Island, to seek out the one man they didn't - Polar. Polar was conveniently working on his Dream Machine at the time. The machine, as Polar describes, grants everyone their greatest wishes. He allows Moe to try it. He's transformed back to normal immediately. Joe then tries it. He's also transformed back. Polar then tries it on himself, and he comes out with ice cream. Everyone laughs. Back in Cortex Labs, N. Gin is seen grovelling to Cortex. An annoyed Cortex lectures to N. Gin that no one should ever hide projects from their bosses, because everyone needs a hand.