The Pharaohest One of All is the second episode of the second season of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the third episode produced. In this episode, our heroes try to stop Cortex's evil Egyptian scheme of becoming a famous pharaoh.

Plot SynopsisEdit

One evening, Dr. Nitrus Brio frantically arrives at Crash's doorstep. He interrupts Crash's Wumpavision program of Tina: Wumparrior Princess, explains that Cortex, Uka Uka, and Tropy have travelled back in time to ancient Egypt! Coco and Aku Aku were worried. Crash didn't really care, and wanted to finish watching his programme. Brio, Aku Aku, and Coco dragged Crash away from the Wumpavision, and made it to Tropy's Time Twister. They quickly warp to ancient Egypt. It's scary! There's no sign of Cortex and his minions anywhere! Then, two sarcophagi drop out of the sky. "It's terrible", thought Coco. Crash prys open the sarcophagi with Aku Aku. In it, two mummies come prancing out: It's Wrappy Larry and Bandage Bill! Brio drinks a beaker and turned into a bomb, which explodes, causing Bill and Larry to melt. It is unexplained how Aku, Crash, and Coco were safe. A huge pyramid opens up in front of them. Dr. King Neo Tutancortex arrives, angry that the good guys followed him. He explains how important it is to him that he be remembered as a great Pharaoh. He wants to become one, and let the history books prove it. He summons a stone sphynx (errr.. Tiny Tiger) to attack the heroes, and he vanishes in a flash. Tiny is unable to surpess his joy about how he is now made out of Power Crystals. Brio and Aku Aku are able to successfully convince Tiny that he is not made out of crystals at all. Just normal run-of-the-mill diamond. This only makes Tiny angrier. Brio decides to drink another potion. This one turns him into a giant hole. Tiny accidentally falls into it. Brio transforms back, and wonders why he didn't think to try that earlier. The heroes venture further into the tomb, and they reach the Mummy of Ripper Roo. He hops into his sarcophagus robot, and creates a wall of Nitro Crates. Brio throws a beaker at them, and they explode, defeating Roo. Dr. King Neo Tutancortex comes out and demands a final showdown! He wants to be a Pharaoh. He won't let any stupid bandicoots, on again / off again allies, or their feathered friends stop him. Aku Aku uses his power of mind control to cause Tutancortex to change his mind. He summons the Mummy Tropy to return them back to the present. Back to the present, everything is back to normal. But at Cortex Labs, Uka Uka is seen yelling a Cortex for doing a terrible job, and ending the scheme prematurely. He lectures to him that it is always best to keep at your plans, and never let anyone convince you otherwise.