Crashie has the best seat in the house: Between Tawna's wet pussy.

Tawna "Pam Anderson" Bandicoosti was Crash's disturbingly anthropomorphic girlfriend in the first game.


Like Crash, Tawna was zapped by the Evolvo-Ray. All it did was give her a Baywatch body and make Crash love her.


Crash BandicootEdit

Tawna was captured by Cory and Brianna in the first game. She was a damsel in distress.


Tawna left Crashie after he saved her life. She eventually ran off with Pinstripe. Classy!


  • Rumor has it, Naughty Dog originally wanted Crash to use Tawna Is a villian as a raft in certain stages, due to her chestile floatation devices. This idea was eventually dropped, but pieces of it emerged through Warped's jetski stages, and Twinsanity's humilskate missions.