Schoolin' is the twenty-second episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!. This episode revolves around Cortex's school, which he opened in an effort to educate his underlings.

Plot SummaryEdit

Komodo Moe, Tiny Tiger, and Koala Kong chase Crash throughout The Pits Island, only to lose him when they reach a fork in the road. The three villains end up returning to Cortex Castle to explain their failure. Dr. Neo Cortex is very displeased. There were three of them and they still couldn't catch that blasted bandicoot, Cortex thought. After discussing this with Komodo Joe, Dr. N. Gin, and Dr. Nitrus Brio, and (via bananaphone) Papu Papu, Cortex reached a conclusion. Those three creatures are idiots. Cortex then unveils his newest project: Uncle Cortie's University For Smarter Learning. He enrolls Moe, Koala, and Tiny. If they don't attend, they will be permanently de-evolved. Tiny and Koala Kong were okay with this plan, but Moe was unhappy. Joe helped convince Cortex to do this, which made Moe feel hurt. Cut to the first day of school! The classroom was filled, apparently! Moe, Koala, and Tiny were obviously present. So were some of the Penguin Eskimo Natives from "Cotton the Middle With You", the Frenchie waiter from "The Hunched Quack of Wumpa Dame", Mrs. Papu from "Papu's New Thin Me!", and for some reason, Coco. A montage is shown featuring some of the classes these characters are in: Dr. Nitrus Brio is teaching chemistry. Dr. N. Gin is teaching robotics. Ripper Roo is teaching political science. Pinstripe is teaching integrity in business. Coco is annoyed at some of these classes, and views the entire school as a scam. Koala Kong, Tiny, and Komodo Moe feel like they are getting smarter, but Coco is able to successfully convince them that this is not the case. They get mad, and dismantle the building. Cortex arrives in his jet pack, and angrily vows to get his revenge on Coco for screwing up his plan to educate his underlings. Then, Labby Larry and Beaker Bill show up as the janitors, sweeping the remains of the building. They tell each other about the wonders of pursuing a higher education.