Police Chief Crash Bandikuu-san: Downtown Tokyo Cortex Go!!! is a Japanese animated series that aired for one season in 2006 on Japan's CBS Network. Intended as a tie-in with Crash Boom Bang!, the series wound up skewing in an awful awful awful considerably darker direction that had almost nothing in common with that awful awful awful game, as well as utilising long stretches of dialogue that consisted primarily of incoherent pseudo-existentialism. By this, I mean it was an anime. Starring Crash as the new Tokyo Chief of Police who reluctantly teams up with his formal rival, Cortex (in a possible reference to the awful awful awful plot of Crash Twinsanity), in a quest to take down the nefarious Viscount Devil once and for all, most episodes feature awkward deviations from this general plotline to focus on many characters' awkward romantic liaisons, apparently for the sole purpose of getting girls to watch the show, too. By this, I mean it was an anime.



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