Poor Polar. Polar passes pungent poos. Polar, poos are pooey. Please, Polar!

Polar is the mentally challenged polar bear that starred in Crashie 2: Coey's Revenge as a vehicle.


Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackEdit


Crash is about to torture a polar bear. Not just any polar bear, mind. Crash is about to torture Polar the polar bear.

In Coey's Revenge, Crashie liked to ridie on his polie bear friend in various stagies. Most of these stages have been named after Polar's various diseases, disorders, and traumas. Thanks to this game, we can confirm Polar has Barrett's Esophagus, Down's Syndrome, bipolar disorder, exhibitionism, and suicidal time travelling syndrome, if that really exists.

Crash Team RacingEdit

In the first Mario Kart ripoff, Polar is a tiny, fast, and delicious racer. According to Jason Rubin, he tastes good with graham cracker.

Crash BashEdit

According to fan favourite talk show host Maurie Povich, Polar was cloned in Crashie Partie. The clones were used in the Polar Push minigames.

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge AdventureEdit

In Crash: Extra Tiny Small Game, Polar was tortured by Crash, just like in Game #2. Polar was used in Un-Bearable snow areas where they were chased by Mr. Fluffykins.

Crash Nitro KartEdit

In the other Mario Kart ripoff, Polar was brainwashed by Tranny the Hypnotizing Breakfast Food, and was forced to race for his honour. Just like the Nascar racers were forced to race for the South's honour.

Crash TwinsanityEdit

In this abomination, Polar made a cameo appearance with a baseball bat at Crashie's un-birthday party. Because this game sucks, it's best to consider it non-canon though.


  • Polar's name could be a reference to the fact that he is a polar bear. Some fans believe it could also refer to the fact that he is bipolar.
  • Polar's fur is white, causing many people to confuse him for cocaine. This is the only known reason Dr. N. Trance abducted him to race for him in Nitros Oxide Kart.
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