The CEO of Cortex Power will lead you with lead!

Pinstripe Prescott Potoroo is the CEO of Cortex Power. He's the leader of one of Cory's most important nuclear families.


Crash BandicootEdit


Pinstripe and Tommy try to kill Crash. Spoiler alert! They failed.

Until 1996, Pinstripe lead Cortex Power as the chief executive officer. During his brief reign, he had only two real responsibilities. Killing people with his right-hand man, and fucking Tawna. Unfortunately, this fun ended rather abruptly when a certain animal forced Cortex Power to be closed down. Man, that sucked.

Crash Team RacingEdit

Pinnystripey's only other worthwhile appearance was in Crash Goes Racing. He was a dick who wanted the right to race Mr. Oxford. Tommy was absent, so instead his kart pooped Bowling Bombs. Since his face was plastered over blimps in Blimpsville, it can only be assumed he is their incumbant CEO.

Crash TwinsanityEdit

Okay, I lied. He also appeared at Crashie's un-birthday party. Here, he's a silent non-assassin.


  • In a blatant contrast to his gangster attitude, Pinstripe's first name is a reference to clothing, an interest associated more towards women.