Papu's New Thin Me!
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Episode Number: Season 1
Episode 24 (25)
Writer(s): Brendan Michael Gitomer-Browne
Hope Drebber Stangerson
Director: Marcus Pandergluffin
Prod. Code: 107
Airdate: March 28, 1998
In-Game Basis: Wartie, from the first game, makes her début
Featured Song: "Let's Get Exercisical!"
"Requiem for a Cheeseburger"
Moral: Do overweight people a favour and remind them that they're fat, and prod them into life-saving diet and exercise!
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Papu's New Thin Me is the twenty-fourth aired episode of the first season of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the seventh episode produced. This episode focuses entirely on Papu Papu's futile and pathetic efforts to lose weight.

Plot SummaryEdit

One day, Papu Papu is enjoying being President. He is enjoying an extravagant and Presidential meal when a wild warthog named Wartie (Special Guest Star Judge Reinhold) bursts into his hut and nabs his delicious cheeseburger! Papu Papu gives chase, but sadly, he quickly becomes overwhelmingly short of breath, because he is fat. Dismayed at the loss of his cheeseburger, Papu Papu vows to lose weight. He pays a visit to Labby-Beaker's "Fat to Flat, Fast, in Fact!" 24-Hour Gymnasium, where he subscribes to the Golden Platinum Plan and is assigned the best personal trainer money can buy: Koala Kong! Papu, sadly, is unable to keep up with Kong's demands. He then decides to try dieting, but Mrs. Papu (Tara Charendoff) comically fails in her attempts to create palatable diet foods, presenting him with an unacceptable platter of tofu-encrusted tofu shanks, braised in tofu-tofu sauce and served with a side of steamed tofinich. This would not do, so Papu had to resort to desperate measures. He dials Dr. N. Gin on his bananaphone, relates the situation, and schedules a liposuction appointment. Unfortunately, the pilot of Ginny's Nip-and-Tucky Sucky-Sucky Machine, Ripper Roo, makes a hilarious mistake and blows even more fat into Papu's body. Feeling completely hopeless, Papu walks out the door, and into some random backalley, to wallow in his sorrow. At this very time, Wartie just happens to be walking by, and spots the weeping warrior. Feeling a sense of pity like he has never experienced before, Wartie generously decides to return Papu's cheeseburger, which Mr. President gleefully devours. Feeling a renewed sense of friendship, Wartie and Papu race through downtown, but this time.....for fun. Meanwhile, on N. Sanity Beach, Crash and Coco are watching Ham Improvement on Wumpavision. During a commercial break, they muse that the most generous and compassionate thing one can do to an overweight person is remind them that they're fat, and prod them into seeking extensive life-saving diet and exercise, immediately, for the good of the nation.