Dr. N. Cortex is Dr. N. Cortex's niece. She's a faggoty goth kid.


Nina Cortex was originally an egg in Sarah Jessica Parker Cortex's belly. She was eventually born. This totally killed Sarah Jessica Parker Cortex, but Nina survived. This probably happened during the second or third game. Or the fourth or fifth. No one really cares though.


Crash TwinsanityEdit

Nina had some role as a playable character in this game. It sucked, so there's no reason I should recap it. I can control my bowels better than I control her, and I'm incontinent!

Radical "Entertainment" Edit

In the Radical games, Nina Cortex has been given a voice. Great, now she's even more annoying!


  • The name "Nina" might be short of "No Irish Need Apply", possibe proof that she, and maybe her uncle, are not Irish.