Mind Your Matter
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Episode Number: Season 1
Episode 9 (10)
Writer(s): Hope Drebber Stangerson
Director: Wilson Nortonachu
Prod. Code: 111
Airdate: November 9, 1997
In-Game Basis: Snow Go and similar ice levels
Featured Song: "[[]]"
Moral: It's always best to be yourself, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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Mind Your Matter is the ninth aired episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the eleventh episode produced. In it, the unlikely alliance of Crash and Cortex is formed after the brains of Coco, Polar, and Brio are accidentally switched.

Plot SummaryEdit

Coco, Polar, and Dr. Nitrus Brio were working on an invention together deep in the uncharted Ruination region of Ruinopolis. After putting the finishing touches on it, there was a huge explosion, visible from both Cortex Island and Wumpa Island. Crash was concerned, since he knew Coco was out there. Cortex was also concerned, because he's supposed to be the only one allowed to destroy huge chunks of land. The explosion did much more than that, though. Coco now had Polar's brain in her head. Polar now had Brio's brain in his head! Brio now had Coco's brain in his head! Coco (with Polar's brain) went home to Wumpa Island. Brio (with Coco's brain) went home to Cortex Island. Polar (with Brio's brain) went home to Snow Go Island. Crash and Cortex were both informed of what happened. Cortex hated seeing Brio like this. Crash couldn't stand the new Coco. Cortex, being the genius that he is, created a reversal gun, with the help of Dr. N. Gin and Dr. Ripper Roo. All Cortex had to do was find Coco and Polar. Crash kept trying to fix Coco, himself, by throwing a bunch of fruit-related items at her, to no avail. Eventually, Cortex arrived at Crash's door, insisting he wanted to help get their friends back to normal. Crash agreed unquestioningly, as to move the plot along. The four of them headed over to Snow Go Island, where Polar resides. Polar really hated it there, as he was stuck with Brio's brain, and Brio absolutely hates the cold. Upon meeting up with Polar, Cortex shoots the three, but instead of turning them back to normal, he accidentally merges them into one supreme being. Just then, Pinstripe pops out of a nearby tower, and chucks a bomb at the monster. This morphs them back to normal, just in time. Back at Cortex Labs, N. Gin is seen looking out a telescope, and explains that it's always best to be yourself.