Lizards, and Beakers, and Swords, Oh My!
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Episode Number: Season 1
Episode 10 (11)
Writer(s): Milton James
Director: Marcus Pandergluffin
Prod. Code: 113
Airdate: November 16, 1997
In-Game Basis: None primarily, though two stages from Crash Bandicoot 2 (The Komodo Bros boss fight and Turtle Woods) are featured.
Featured Song: "[[]]"
Moral: If everyone gets along in life, there can be no real loser.
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Lizards, and Beakers, and Swords, Oh My! is the tenth aired episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the thirteenth episode produced. It is the first episode to center around Labby Larry and Beaker Bill. In it, they have a falling out, as do the Komodo Brothers. They end up forming two new duos, Larry and Joe, and Bill and Moe.

Plot SummaryEdit

In Cortex Castle, Labby Larry and Beaker Bill spill Dr. Cortex's huge new order of Chemical N all over Cortex's shiny new lamp. This infuriorated the doctor, causing him to immediately fire them. This caused Larry and Bill to argue about whose fault it was. This lead to the two becoming rivals, and hating each other. In Casa de Komodo, Moe and Joe are seen performing one of their greatest stunts ever - sawing Ripper Roo in half! This goes very badly, and causes future shows to be cancelled. This agrivated the brothers, who continue to argue about who was at fault. This caused the two to leave each other. On Wumpa Island, Crash and Coco are seen enjoying a rather enjoyable day of sunshine. Coco wonders if anything interesting was going to happen. Back on Cortex Island, Joe wanders around and becomes good friends with Larry. In Turtle Woods, Bill is seen wandering around. He eventually runs into Moe, and they become good friends. Cut back to Larry and Joe, who are seen coming up with (comical) ways to destroy that blasted Bandicoot. Moe and Bill are doing the same. Both parties end up coming up with the same exact plan - Beaker Swords! Back on Wumpa Island, Coco and Crash are seen sunbathing. Crash points out and sees a dark cloud coming West. It's Moe and Bill with their giant Beaker Sword! Coco then points East, and sees Joe and Larry's Beaker Sword. This confuses the heroes. Both groups arrive on the scene pretty much simultaneously. This spawns a bunch of other arguing. This makes Coco really upset. She hates arguing, and convinces everyone to make up and to get along, because when everyone gets along, there are no losers.