The first season of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures! aired on Saturday mornings throughout the 1997-1998 television season.

Episode ListEdit

Prod. Number Episode Title Synopsis Original Airdate
101 Cuckoo for Coco's Stuff Dr. Nitrus Brio accidentally gives Coco a working prototype of his newest invention for her eighth birthday, much to Dr. Neo Cortex's chagrin. Now his only hope of getting it back is a brand-new mech, designed by Dr. N. Gin and piloted by Ripper Roo. 9/14/1997
102 Every Funnel Cloud Has Its Spinner Realigning Crash's performance at the Spin-o-Lympics winds up being a miserable failure. Cortex experiences considerably more success with his scheme to create tornadoes to attract storm-chasing tourists....until he goes overboard and creates an unstoppable twisting wind storm. 9/21/1997
103 Chief Papu's Park Attack Papu Papu tricks Crash, Coco, and Dr. Nitrus Brio into visiting his theme park, only to trap them in a rusty old cavern. In order to escape, they must form an unlikely alliance with Komodo Moe and Ripper Roo. 9/28/1997
104 The Island of Doctor Moron Dr. Neo Cortex ends up alienating all his animal minions with his latest plan involving genetically engineering squirrels. They quickly realise that the only way to make Cortex see the error of his ways is by recruiting his eternal archrival: Crash Bandicoot. 10/5/1997
106 Ripper Roo and Tiny Too After being fired by Cortex, Tiny Tiger befriends Ripper Roo, taking him in as his pet. Together, they plot their revenge on Dr. Neo Cortex. 10/12/1997
108 Cotton the Middle with You While on vacation in the frigid Snow Go region, Crash and Coco fall victim to Cortex's latest scheme involving hypnotically soft cotton. However, they receive unexpected help from the disgruntled original inventor of the cotton, Dr. N. Gin. 10/19/1997
109 The Bald Man and the Key After getting locked out of his home, Dr. Nitrus Brio had to journey to Cortex Power to get it back from Pinstripe. Crash and Coco help him along the way. 10/26/1997
110 Old Kong Coal Cortex and Pinstripe are dismayed at Cortex Power's falling profits, but Koala Kong seems to have a solution when he discovers coal deposits on the Second Island. However, this attracts the ire of Coco, the radical environmentalist. 11/2/1997
111 Mind Your Matter As a result of a scientific explosion, the brains of Coco, Dr. Nitrus Brio, and Polar have all been switched with one another. In order to fix this, Crash has to join forces with Dr. Neo Cortex. 11/9/1997
113 Lizards, and Beakers, and Swords, Oh My! After a few arguments, two new evil duos emerge - Labby Larry and Komodo Joe, and Beaker Bill and Komodo Moe. They have an intense rivalry on who can destroy Crash Bandicoot first. 11/16/1997
112 The Hunched Quack of Wumpa Dame Dr. Nitrus Brio uses the power of science to transform into a hulking hunch-backed beast. Meanwhile, Papu Papu has his eye on the sexy and mysterious Tawnamerelda. 12/6/1997
105 A Very Komodo Christmas Dr. Neo Cortex picks Komodo Moe to play Santa Claus in his diabolical plan to steal Christmas. 12/13/1997
114 The Wild Adventures of the Kimono Sisters Dr. N. Gin's newest invention accidentally turns the Komodo Brothers into women. 1/10/1998
115 The Super Lab Assistant Bros. Super Show!! When Ripper Roo accidentally flushes a Power Crystal, Bill and Larry embark on a plumbing adventure to save it. However, Crash is also after the Crystal, for it is the only cure to his worsening Turtle Flu. 1/17/1998
116 Wicked Witch of the Westminster Because he needs the money, Dr. Neo Cortex enlists Ripper Roo in the Westminster Dog Show. Because Roo makes a terrible dog, he has to use Dr. Nitrus Brio's Lazy Juice in order to level the competition. 1/24/1998
118 Mother Knows Best Crash and Coco are subjected to a surprise visit by their strict mother, Mama Bandicoot. Their efforts to appease her are threatened by Dr. N. Gin's latest invention, which eats things, then offensively burps. 1/31/1998
117 If I Only Had a Not Tiny Brain Dr. Nitrus Brio increases Tiny's intellect by giving him Sage Serem. With his newfound smarts, Tiny tries to overthrow Cortex. 2/7/1998
119 ...and Potoroo Makes Poto-Two! In a flashback, Ripper Roo feels betrayed when Cortex creates a second minion: Pinstripe Potoroo. Roo is determined to get rid of Pinstripe, but just might have to face the ultimate price: a time-out! 2/14/1998
120 Baby Don't Roo It Crash and Coco are forced into babysitting after Dr. Nitrus Brio accidentally turns Ripper Roo into a toddler. 2/21/1998
121 The Wetness for the Prosecution When Cortex's Pink Gem mysteriously goes missing, Detective Tiny is on the case! However, the barrage of ironclad alibis just might be more than Tiny's overly trusting nature can handle. 2/28/1998
123 Dances with World Leaders After being trumped by a mysterious stranger at a recent dance competition, Papu Papu consults Cortex for help in the next one. Cortex agrees, but suffers a moral dilemma once he discovers the mysterious stranger's true identity. 3/7/1998
122 Schoolin'! Dr. Neo Cortex opens a school in an attempt to educate Tiny Tiger, Komodo Moe, and Koala Kong. 3/14/1998
124 Honey Dos and Don'ts! Cortex sends N. Gin to Bee-Having Island to solve yet another financial crisis, by collecting honey. Crash, Coco, and Polar also arrive on the island, by accident. And they're really really hungry. 3/21/1998
107 Papu's New Thin Me! Papu Papu is too fat to give chase when Wartie the Warthog steals his Presidential Cheeseburger. This event prompts him to go to extreme lengths to lose weight. 3/28/1998
126 Mission: Blimpossible Crash is forced to sell his prized Crystal due to the economic recession. When he finds out he accidentally sold it to Cortex, however, it's Crashie in Space, with more than just pretty purple jewellery on the line. 4/4/1998
125 Writer's Block Bandicoot Koala Kong writes a song so popular, it turns everyone into Cortex's slaves. Crash struggles to write a song about his lost love. 4/11/1998