Forget Hans and Franz. Koala Kong will pump you up!

Koala Kong is an actor with a major speech impediment. He is a very extreme creature. He's extremely stupid. Extremely strong. And if his career pans out well for him, he'll also be extremely wealthy.


Crash BandicootEdit


Jump over there and rip that bandicoot to shreds, dude! You're wasting your potential!

Koala Kong was a mean ol' boss in first game of the series. For some reason, he refused to even touch anything other than rocks, even though he was strong enough to rip our orange buddy and his feathered friend apart without much effort.

Crash BashEdit

For some reason, Koko never made another appearance until the second spinoff title. He was forced to fight for Uka Uka, even though he might not have ever even met the Ukinator before.

Crash TwinsanityEdit

Koala Kong made a quick cameo appearance in this wreck. He went to Crash's un-birthday party, held by Mr. Bighead. It made no sense, so it's best not to think about it.


  • Koala Kong is said to be a mix of a koala and a gorilla, even though Mark Cerny admitted this is not the case, during some of his court hearings for sex affairs.
  • Koala Kong wears a red shirt and likes to chuck rocks at people.