Frenchie Waiter is a character who only appears in Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.



Initially appearing as a basic secondary character in the season one episode "The Hunched Quack of Wumpa Dame", where he annoyed Papu Papu and Tawnamerelda during their date, Frenchie Waiter appeared more frequently in the season season, where he begun developing personas. This appears to have further cemented his role in the cast. More often than not, though, he was still little more than a stereotypical French waiter. While he had decent roles in season two, it wasn't until Rhythm and Bleus from the third season that he had a major role.


Frenchie Waiter is little more than a French stereotype. He enjoys frog leggety pies, baguettes, and croissants. He can play the accordion and has a passion for the Eiffel Tower. He loves to ride his old-timey bicycle. He never leaves home without some white flags, either. He often wears berets, and when he is upset he likes to shout his catch phrase, "Sacré Bleu!".