Artificial Crashie "Fake Crash" Bandicoot is a version of Crashie Bandicoot that is not real. It is said that he is fake.


Crash Bandicoot 3: WarpedEdit

In Crash and Coco in: Time Twisters, Fake Crash was a scenery. But only if those who view him are rich with things.

Crash Team RacingEdit

In Crash Your Engines, Fakey was a playable character unlocked by getting a purple gem. Since it's the purple gem that's required for him, many fans theorize he's actually Tinky Winky.

Crash BashEdit

In Cerny's Last Stand, Fakesters made zero appearance. Unless you're a chink from Chinksville. Then he's a secret character.

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-TrancedEdit

In Eggman's Game, Fecky was a boss, then a good guy. It was weird.

Crash Nitro KartEdit

In Crash Your Engines 2: Clancy Brown's Last Game, the Fakinator was a hidden character. As such, he was not immediately unlocked.


  • People often confuse Fake Crash with Real Crash and Evil Crash and Carbon Crash. Scientists have been researching why, but the results of the tests have been inconclusive.
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