Emperor Velo Wuu XXVII is the decendent of Nativitanian Emperor Wuu. He is also said to be the best racer in the galaxy, even though Nitros Oxide holds the same distinction.

Early LifeEdit

Velo Wuu XXVII was born south of Wumpa Island, in the island nation of Quentl, where his people migrated to after the New Nativitan Empire was declared "Up In Smoke" by Marin Wuu VIII. Velo's parents were Emperor Stephen Wuu XXVI and his unnamed mistress. Let's just call her "vagina number seventy-two".

Interest in RacingEdit

Velo, the heir to the Nativitanian throne, never wanted to be in charge of anyone. He wanted to race. He built his first race car when he was seven. (That's 23 in human years!)

Moving to GaxmoxiaEdit

Velo trained really hard to be the best racer he could be, and before too long, he pretty much was. He ended up ascending to the Nativitanian throne. Shortly after his reign begun, Quentl begun sinking into the sea. This is likely because of the overabundance of marijuana crops. Emperor Velo created a magnetic go-kart system that allowed his people to join the highest society known to man - Gasmoxia.


  • Velo and Norm are the only characters in the series who are both really big and really small. This blows the mind of several fans for undisclosed reasons.
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