Crunch Bandicoot is the bandicoot equivelent to Dr. Nancy Brio. He was originally evil, now he's good. I think he was created by Cory or something. I dunno. Cory should've tied that thing up. It's gone rogue!


Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of CortexEdit

Crunchie was one of the main antagonists in Crunch And The Magic Masks. Too bad he failed, and somehow became good. I never finished the game, so I don't get why.

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-TrancedEdit

Crunch Flakes McGee was hynotized by the newest Mega Man enemy, Egg Man. He was evil in that game when he was hypno-toaded. Somehow, an easy fight can kill off hypnosis. He was then a goodie goodie, in some shitty Atlasphere stages.

Crash Nitro KartEdit

Crunchie Cakes was the fattie of Team Bandicoot in this game. It was weird. He's not fat! He's big-boned!

Crash TwinsanityEdit

A confused Captain Crunch was at Crash's un-birthday party. He thought it was an un-un-birthday party. He brought a cake!

Radical "Entertainment"Edit

Crunch is not fucking Mr. T! Fuck you, Radical!


  • Crunch was named after every single type of breakfast cereal ever made ever.
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