n a temple floating in a vacuous region, two brothers meet up to discuss the fate of their planet, and which side should reign it. These are Aku Aku and Uka Uka, the witch doctor spirits. Uka Uka is all up for a reign of terror, but Aku Aku would never want it to happen. The two almost come to a fight, but Aku Aku reminds his rash brother that the Ancients wouldn't allow such a quarrel. It's then that they decide to hold an ultimate competition between good and evil. The chosen players are the witch doctors' allies.

As soon as the players are summoned to the temple, Aku Aku notices an unfair sight. While he has Crash and Coco on his side, Uka Uka has Cortex, Nitrus Brio, Tiny, Dingodile, Koala Kong and a newcomer named Rilla Roo. Aku Aku pledges to his brother's ego - if he's as confident in his players as he seems, he'll hand over two of them to the good side, making up for equal numbers. Uka Uka accepts this condition, and Tiny and Dingodile are switched onto the good team. The competition starts.

Cover of Crash Bash!