Crash Bandicoot is an overweight bandicoot that was eaten by Dr. Neo Cortex in 2008, meaning that Activision couldn't be bothered to make another game as it would involve them having to reach in Cortex's belly to get him out. He is a very interesting uninteresting character despite appearing in every game, and was bullied over 9,000 times in school.

Game historyEdit

Crash BandicootEdit

Crash Bandicoot first appeared in Crash Bandicoot. He fell out of the sky where he was evolved from a not-Crash Bandicoot. He landed on N. Sanity Beach with one goal in life: pussy.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackEdit

After developing a nasty cocaine addiction (he liked to snort the stuff off of Tawna's ass), Crashie decided he had to come clean. He had to break up with his vaginal pal. She was cheating on him with Pinstripe anyway. He eventually had a heroin addiction, but that's a story for another day. Crashie took a new lease on life, living with his nubile sister, in a story that eventually became one of many unnecessary sequels. The evil Uncle Cortie decided to use a few crystals to conquer the planet, but he was too lazy to do it himself. He got the bandicoot to do it. Unfortunately, Brio rock-blocked him, causing yet another fucking failure. Crashie gave the beaker boy some gemmies to save the dayie!

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