Nine out of ten ophthalmologists agree: Connie Booth possesses characteristics that, generally speaking, tend to fall into both the "fucking" and "cunt" categories. (The tenth ophthalmologist isn't an ophthalmologist at all, but rather, simply Connie Booth pretending to be an ophthalmologist despite not possessing a degree in ophthalmology, for the sole purpose of ruining this highly scientific study. What a fucking cunt!)

Connie Booth is a fucking cunt. She was a producer for a certain bandicoot-themed video game. Also, she was married to John Cleese for a time. Fun Fact: Cleese is a Lanternfish. Also, Connie Booth is a fucking cunt.

Why Is She Such a Fucking Cunt?Edit

There are many reasons why Connie Booth is such a fucking cunt. For one, she fucks lanternfish. Specifically, Landon the Lanternfish, who was rejected from Lights Out, since FISH NEED FUCKING WATER!!! Connie Booth is a fucking cunt for other reasons too. She single cuntedly programmed Wartie, and Wartie fucking sucks. She also likes to give rimjobs to people who dress up like Santa Claus. What a fucking cunt! She's not jolly at all! Heck, she's even a fucking cunt at work! She keeps deleting data so her coworkers have to cowork harder! What a fucking cunt! This is probably why it was necessary to break all the Crates in one life in the first game in order to get the cunty gems.. What a fucking cunt! Ughhh! She also had this cunty hobby of using the voodoo power of static electricity to annoy her coworkers too. What a fucking cunt! She also likes to steal from the rich and give to the Republican Party. Which kind of defeats the point. The rich are all members! What a fucking cunt! Oh, and before I forget: Connie Booth is a fucking cunt. She loves seeing others in displeasure. One notable example of this was her extensive campaign to "cancel M*A*S*H immediately", in the 1970s. Connie Booth is (say it with me, kids)... a fucking cunt.


  • Connie Booth is a fucking cunt.