Crashie Bandibash boss #2 The Bearminator sez: Tanks for the Memories!

Morgan Theodore Bear, III is a genetically engineered bear created by Dr. N. Gin. His first and only appearance was in Crashie Bandibash, even though people think he's totally Un-Bearable.

Early LifeEdit

Morgan Teddy Bear was born to Morgan Teddy Bear a long time ago. He's a bear, so he doesn't have a birth certificate. I think he was born somewhere in the Antarctic, though. I dunno.


Morganny was abducted by Ginsters in 1998, shortly before the events of Crashie in Timie. Ginny injected him with a lot of illegal chemicals, causing him to become the evil Bearminator.



The Bearminator is a three time World Water Tank Racing Champion. He races his water tank. The only person to ever come close to him in the competition is the dragon version of Tinky Winky.


Beary Nader also likes to create these cute little wind-up toy bears. It's amazing that he can make them, since he has no thumbs. These cute little toy bears were featured in his cute little boss fight in a cute little party game.