Baby Don't Roo It is the nineteenth aired episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!, but was the twentieth episode produced. It primarily involves Crash and Coco's attempt at babysitting a baby Ripper Roo.

Plot SummaryEdit

It's Crash and Coco's fifth anniversary from Bandicoot University, and due to regulations, have to renew their Bandicooticratic Oath. Everyone in attendance was happy. Meanwhile, in Brio Hotel, on Cortex Island, Nitrus Brio has invited Ripper Roo to lunch. Roo offers to be Brio's guinea pig in his newest experiment, a potion of immortality. Roo is excited, and takes a huge gulp. This transforms Roo into a toddler, much to Brio's chagrin. Brio needs someone to take care of Roo until he is able to reverse the concoction. Brio calls up the Bandicoots, since he knows they'll be willing to help, as their Bandicooticratic Oath would not allow them to decline. Cut to the Bandicoot home! Crash and Coco take Toddlerroo in, and then a huge montage - complete with an original musical number (sung by Koala Kong) - is shown. It shows how much trouble Roo is. Crash and Coco are exhausted, after just one day. They call Brio on the bananaphone, wondering when the antidote will be ready. Brio is working hard with Polar in Snow Go Island to get something ready. Just then, Toddlerroo wanders out onto the street. Conveniently, Pinstripe sees him from his place of business, and runs after him. Crash and Coco thank Pinstripe for lending a hand. Meanwhile, Polar and Brio struggle to come up with something perfect, so they enlist the help of Team Evil - Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Gin. They look at the situation as well. Cortex suggests they use a Yellow Gem as a power source, since yellow tends to work best in things like this. Brio happened to already have one handy, so he used it. Success! Brio thanks Polar and Team Evil, and quickly bolts back to Wumpa Island, where Coco and Crash are struggling. Brio turns Ripper Roo back to normal with a zap from the new Baby Reversal Ray, and tells Ripper Roo to never agree to any scientific tests ever, since you never know how it will turn out.